Hercules HP ROTA Stubbie BOP

The ROTA Stubbie design combines a standard dual-pin ram blowout preventer (BOP) with a tubing hanger adapter flange, eliminating several inches of stack height as well as one ring gasket.


We supply the tubing hanger in various shapes and sizes to fit your tubing hanger profile.


  • Save up to 6 in. of stack height and eliminate one connection with direct connect to tubing hanger
  • Available in thread down or tubing hanger adapter down
  • Ram blocks are greaseable while in service
  • Rams can be tested from either direction
  • NACE compliant


  • Stubbie eliminates one leak path and the need for adaptor flange
  • Available with tubing hanger adapter profile upon special request; profile per specific tubing hanger manufacturer’s design
  • Patent-pending ram block design
  • Compact design—only 17 in.
  • Rams offset to accommodate for long-stroke pumping units
  • Provides two sets of ram blocks that can independently seal against the polished rod when it is stationary so that the stuffing box can be serviced
  • Provides a method of shutting in the well for testing, servicing, potential emergencies, or to protect against offset fracs   

Hercules HP ROTA Stubbie BOP Specifications

*BX156 stud down available upon request
Top connection R27 stud and 2.875-in. EUE box or R35 stud and 3.5-in. EUE box
Bottom connection R46 stud down and 2.875-in. box or BX156 stud down and special bore (*suitable to match tubing hanger requirements)
Vertical bore 2.56 or 3.145 in.
Working pressure 5,000 or 10,000 psi
Body and cap material Forged steel
Ram material Alloy steel
Ram screw and packing gland N/A
Ram sizes options 1.50-, 1.25-, and 1.75-in. blind
Ram screw packing ring HSN (HNBR)
Side outlet connections R24 stud and 2-in. NPT
Height 17 or 19 in.
Weight 665 or 690 lb
  • Hercules HP ROTA Stubbie BOP Data Sheet

  • Production Service Hookup Brochure

Render of BX156 Hercules HP ROTA Stubbie BOP