Hercules HP Texas Longhorn BOP

The Texas Longhorn blowout preventer (BOP) protects against offset fracs.


With its unique 45° flowline, the Texas Longhorn BOP is often considerably below the height of the flowline, which, in turn, dramatically lowers your stuffing box, adds valuable stroke length, and increases production.

The extremely compact Texas Longhorn BOP was designed to easily adjust to fit with any flowline height. Conventional composite BOPs require the flow tee height to be at the same level as the flowline.


  • Exclusive composite BOP
  • Ram blocks are greaseable while in service
  • Requires only 100 ft/lb of torque to seal (operator can use crescent wrench or ⅝-in. socket)
  • NACE compliant
  • Two 1-in. NPT outlets for monitoring pressure above and below rams
  • Two 2-in. LP flowing outlets at 45°   


  • Easily adjust your flowline height (cutting costs)
  • Extremely compact design  
  • Production Service Hookup Brochure

Render of flanged Hercules HP Texas Longhorn BOP