HEV (High Efficiency Vortex) Mixer

Kenics HEV static mixer maximizes the conversion of turbulent energy into efficient mixing


Chemineer offers the Kenics® HEV high-efficiency static mixer. The HEV provides pressure losses up to 75% lower than other conventional static mixers, and can handle any turbulent flow-mixing process regardless of size or shape. Mixing is accomplished by controlled vortex structures generated by the patented low-profile tab geometry, providing uniform blending while limiting mixer length to less than 1-1/2 pipe diameters.

Typical applications for the HEV static mixer include all low-viscosity liquid-liquid blending processes and gas-gas mixing. The HEV can be easily configured for non-circular cross sections, providing efficient additive blending in places not suitable for traditional static mixers. It is especially suitable for gas phase processes where pressure loss and length are critical. Proven design correlations allow 100% guaranteed mixing performance, even for additives in the PPM range. These mixing principles result in an applications technology that can be easily reproduced and reliably scaled. Numerous independent studies have shown that Kenics® static mixers maximize mixing efficiency without the wasted energy and material blockage typically found in more restrictive motionless mixers.

Additional HEV Static Mixer features include:

  • Lowest pressure drop available per degree of mixing
  • Unlimited sizes and shapes
  • Easy retrofit to existing lines
  • Availability in all metals and alloys, FRP, PFA and epoxy-coated steel
  • Kenics High Efficiency HEV Static Mixer Bulletin

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  • IO&M Manual 811: HEV Mixers

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