A technician handles a High Performance Lubricating Upper Gland

High-Performance Lubricating Upper Gland

Ensure a secondary seal against environmental leaks in the Hercules Classic stuffing box.

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Our High-Performance Lubricating Upper Gland (HPLUG) provides a secondary seal against potential environmental leaks in the Hercules™ classic stuffing box and must be used with an anti-pollution adapter. Models include V-ring packing and grease zerks for periodic greasing. Please contact customer service when adapting an HPLUG to an existing Hercules stuffing box.


High-Performance Lubricating Upper Gland Specifications

Available rod sizes (inches) 1⅛, 1¼, 1½, and 1¾
Available V-ring packing NBR, HSN, FMK, or Kevlar
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