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High Strength Drill Pipe glowing hot

High-Strength Drill Pipe

Grant Prideco high-strength drill pipe enables you to drill deeper and step out further.

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Our high-strength grades help you drill safer and deeper with reduced hook loads and improved hydraulics.

Our specially engineered materials provide increased product performance and integrity. We use proprietary chemistries and controlled processing, resulting in materials with increased hardenability and toughness, more homogeneous microstructures, and consistent metallurgical and mechanical properties throughout the cross-section. These enhancements result in a more reliable weld.

S135T – Enhanced toughness

The Grant Prideco™ proprietary S135T™ grade provides high strength and high toughness for demanding drilling applications. S135T high-strength drill pipe incorporates a proprietary chemistry and a rigidly controlled quench-and-temper heat treatment process. Providing a minimum average Charpy impact of 59 ft-lbs, S135T meets or exceeds all the requirements of API S135, NS-1, DS-1 specification for critical service, NORSOK, and other rigorous proprietary standards. The performance behavior resulting from this increase in toughness provides a margin of safety superior to normal high-strength materials. With significantly higher fracture toughness than API S135 drill pipe, S135T will last longer under harsh drilling conditions.

Z140 – Superior tensile strength

The Grant Prideco Z140™ high-strength drill pipe grade provides increased tensile strength and increased toughness. Incorporating a proprietary chemistry and a rigidly controlled quench-and-temper heat treatment process, Z140 provides an exceptional balance between the strength and toughness required for deepwater and ERD wells.

V150 – Enables drilling many of today’s world-class wells

The Grant Prideco V150™ high-strength drill pipe grade provides 11% greater tensile strength while maintaining better impact strength than API S135. These high toughness values enable drillers to confidently pursue many of today’s deepest wells.

UltraDeep UD165 – Extending today’s drilling envelope

UltraDeep™ UD165™ is the result of an extensive 2-year development program using optimized process parameters to achieve exceptional mechanical properties (hardness, tensile, and impact). This grade is extensively used for building high-capacity landing strings used in deepwater operations and has been used for drilling operations requiring a high strength-to-weight ratio, such as ultra-deep and extended reach wells.


  • Ability to reach objectives – High-strength drill pipe enables you to drill deeper and step out further.
  • Reduced hook load – High-strength drill pipe reduces drill stem weight, in turn reducing torque and drag. It is also more economical than aluminum or titanium alternatives.
  • Improved hydraulics – Reduced wall thickness opens the pipe ID, thus improving hydraulics.
  • Enhanced Toughness – Up to 22% stronger compared to API S135, with no loss of toughness.
  • Confidence – Steel is a proven technology.
  • Dependability – More than 7 million ft of Grant Prideco high-strength, high-toughness drill pipe sold.

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