Mach 1 Horizontal Pumping System

Move operations forward at the speed of sound with the Mach 1 HPS, our re-engineered solution that pushes performance boundaries with unmatched simplicity, interchangeable components, and integrated remote capabilities.


Why be in the passenger seat in your own production and midstream operations?

When you buy a horizontal pumping system (HPS), you expect it to drive your site’s performance by delivering the optimal output. Its ability to move fluids at the speed you demand is crucial to your operations. But when costly maintenance and repairs come up because of excessive parts that wear quickly or under-perform, you pay the price with your time. Time meant for production is spent sourcing replacement parts and pausing operations to make repairs.

With its impressive horsepower and performance and surprisingly simple design, our Mach 1™ HPS is built to give you back control. Named for the way it pushes the performance boundaries of multistage pumps for oilfield applications, the Mach 1 HPS combines proven equipment and innovative, eco-friendly technology to offer high flow rates, high horsepower, and state-of-the-art automation, monitoring, data collection and analysis, and alerts.

When the time comes for a pit stop, make field repairs with comparable, interchangeable components which shorten your downtime. Integrated remote capabilities allow you to see and adjust flow rates – no matter where you are.

Get into the driver’s seat with the Mach 1 HPS.


  • The Mach 1 HPS features a mechanical seal system designed to be replaced quickly without disturbing the motor or piping connections and requiring minimal or no realignment.
  • Our thrust chamber is assembled with top-brand, angular contact bearings.
  • Providing site flexibility and reduced lead times, our HPS skid system features a rigid steel frame and modular components, designed using the latest 3D modeling software and Finite Element Analysis to resist motor torsion and limit vibration to extend pump life.
  • Each pump is available with our equipment monitoring solution and Guardian™ automation and control to seamlessly connect equipment and field personnel, giving operators the ability to capture, visualize, and analyze data in real-time, monitor conditions, and automate flow to enhance site safety and optimize production.
  • Inject less oil into your well and more profit into your business with oil in water concentration monitoring for injection wells. Our technology suite integrates with the Mach 1, allowing you to quickly identify process improvements and optimize production operations for Saltwater Disposal (SWD) and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) facilities.

Mach 1 Horizontal Pumping System Specifications

Capacity 105-960 gpm
Discharge pressure Up to 4,000 psi
Suction pressure Up to 1,000 psi
Temperature range -20 to 280°F
Power 1,500 hp
Testing capability Up to 1,000 hp

* Additional materials and coating options are available.
** Inconel and Monel are trademarks of Huntington Alloys Corporation.

  • Mach 1 Horizontal Pumping System Brochure

  • Mach 1 Horizontal Pumping System Flyer

front overhead angle render of Mach 1 Horizontal Pumping System
side front render of Mach 1 Horizontal Pumping System
Front angle render of Mach 1 Horizontal Pumping System
side back render of Mach 1 Horizontal Pumping System

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