Horizontal Surface Pumping System in warehouse

Horizontal Surface Pumping System

Modular, resilient design allows rapid replacement, low maintenance costs, and increased uptime.

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Our Horizontal Surface Pumping System (HPS ) is designed with a focus on extended operational life, reduced maintenance and equipment costs, and flexible, easy deployment in ever-changing site conditions. The HPS is available with pre-wired instrumentation and the NOV Guardian VFD option allowing customers to be prepared for varying operating conditions.

Seal system

Our HPS features an API 610-compliant seal system that can be replaced in as little as 15 minutes, using a process that does not disturb the motor and piping connections and requires minimal or no realignment.

Thrust chamber

Leveraging decades of experience from the proven MISSION™ Magnum™ centrifugal pump, our field-serviceable HPS thrust chamber is assembled with top-brand, angular contact bearings. Additionally, the L10 life rating matches API 610 standards of 25,000 hours up to 20,000 lbf of thrust.


Providing site flexibility and reduced lead times, our HPS skid system features a rigid steel frame and modular components, which were designed using the latest 3D modeling software and Finite Element Analysis to resist motor torsion and limit vibration to extend pump life.


Horizontal Surface Pumping System Specifications

Capacity 105-750 gpm
Discharge pressure Up to 3,000 psi
Suction pressure Up to 285 psi
Temperature range -20 to 280°F
Power Up to 1,000 hp
Testing capability Up to 1,000 hp
Thrust capacity Up to 20,000 lbf

* Additional materials and coating options are available.
** Inconel and Monel are trademarks of Huntington Alloys Corporation.

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