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HR-6120 Coiled Tubing Injector

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Engineered and manufactured for rugged reliability and reduced maintenance, our field-proven Hydra Rig™ manufacturing and injector tackles the new demands that come with quench and tempered coiled tubing, such as Quality Tubing™ ATP-130 . While offering weight savings over our largest injector offering, the HR-6120 maintains the dependability you expect from Hydra Rig.

Whether you are packaging a new, custom-built unit with the HR-6120 model injector or replacing an existing one, the HR-6120 can be retrofitted on most of our existing units within the footprint of many of our injector models. 

Designed to handle 2- to 2⅞-in. coiled tubing strings, this model is capable of running 140,000-psi designs with superior slow-speed control (inches per minute). The HR-6120 has an 120,000-lb continuous lifting capacity and 60,000-lb continuous snubbing capacity. 

The drive system and traction system included in our design enhances performance in the field.



  • Radius tubing guide sizes: 100 in. (1,200 lb), 120 in. (1,500 lb), and 140 in. (1,800 lb)
  • Available in standard flare, hydraulic flare, and short-fold versions 
  • Injector counter 
  • Fold down walkways 
  • Electronic or combination of electronic/hydraulic load cells 
  • Fall protection device 
  • Lift bale or sling options on dual-mounting lugs


  • Injector auto-lubrication system
  • Slip mitigation system
  • Remote tubing alignment (patent pending)

Drive system

  • Deep-reduction, purpose-built gear drives 
  • Dual hydraulic motor input (variable displacement, piston motors) 
  • Counterbalance valves hard-plumbed to motor 
  • Heavy-duty drive bearing 
  • Dual spring-applied/pressure-released brakes mounted between the hydraulic drive motors and gear drives 
  • Patented hydraulic timing system combines the best features of both timed and untimed drives 

Traction system

  • Reduced remove/install time with our quick disconnect gripper system (1 to 3 seconds) 
  • Hardened and grooved single-piece grippers 
  • Elastomeric suspension system for grippers 
  • Reduced maintenance with no greasing of chain bearings required due to sealed-for-life design 
  • Purpose-built and simplified direct-down-tension chain system 
  • Spray-type injector chain lubricating system 
  • Skates use patented strain-relief feature designed for improved traction performance 
  • Four independent sets of two rod-type hydraulic cylinders 
  • 180-pitch heavy-duty roller chain links

HR-6120 Specifications

Maximum speed (min. displacement)

160 ft/min

Maximum speed (max. displacement)

84 ft/min


180-hp continuous at 120 °F

Lifting capacity through outer frame

140,000 lb

Lifting capacity from stripper

120,000 lb

Assembled weight: 120-in. gooseneck in­stalled, no stripper

18,000 lb

Approximate individual gripper weight

6 lb

  • Hydra Rig HR-6120 Injector Flyer

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