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HR-6100 Coiled Tubing Injector

Engineered and designed for reliability and reduced maintenance, Hydra Rig injectors are backed by the experience achieved from the manufacturing of over 2,400 injectors.

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The heart and soul of any coiled tubing system is the injector head, and our line of injectors are recognized worldwide as the best in the market today. Designed to handle 1¼ to 3½ in. coiled tubing strings, the Hydra Rig™ HR-6100 coiled tubing injector is capable of running up to 140,000 psi yield strength string designs.

Our 6-series coiled tubing injector with 100,000-lb continuous lifting capacity.

Whether you are buying a complete new unit or replacing the injector on your existing unit, our injectors offer the performance and dependability demanded by your customers in today’s toughest oilfield conditions around the world.

General Features

  • Hub odometer mounted on idler shaft for total footage indication for maintenance and inspection requirements
  • Minimum parts count for reduced maintenance
  • Narrow width for rig access: 52¼ in.
  • Dual hydraulic load cells standard
  • Forklift pockets for yard handling
  • Available certified for North Sea service
  • Access area for top-load stripper
  • Pin-on stripper adapter
  • Superior slow speed control for drilling applications


  • Radius tubing guides: 100, 120, and 140 in.
  • Injector counter
  • Fold-down walkways
  • Electronic or combination or electronic/hydraulic load cells

Traction System

  • Patented “Quick Connect” Gripper System (1-3 seconds required to remove or install a gripper)
  • Hardened and grooved single-piece grippers
  • Elastomeric suspension system for grippers (patented)
  • “Sealed-for-life” chain bearings—reduced maintenance with no greasing of chain bearings required
  • Purpose-built and simplified direct-down tension chain system
  • Spray-type injector chain lubricating system
  • Improved skate entrance design for smoother chain-bearing entry into traction system
  • Four independent sets of two rod-type hydraulic cylinders
  • 180-pitch heavy-duty roller chain links 

Drive System

  • Deep reduction, purpose-built gear drives 
  • Dual hydraulic motor input (variable displacement, bent-axis piston motors) 
  • Counterbalance valves plumbed directly to motor
  • Dual oil seals on gear drive output shafts for long and reliable service
  • Dual spring-applied/pressure-released brakes mounted between each hydraulic drive motor and gear drives 

Model HR-6100 Specifications

Max. speed/min. displacement

160 ft/min

Max. speed/max. displacement

88 ft/min

Continuous lifting capacity

100,000 lbs

Continuous snubbing capacity

50,000 lbs

Lifting capacity through outer frame

115,000 lbs

Lifting capacity from stripper

100,000 lbs


180 hp continuous with 120 °F ambient conditions

Assembled weight: 100 in. gooseneck, stripper box, min. handling slings, lube tank, excludes fall pole, other options

11,900 lbs

Approx. individual gripper weight

6 lbs

Coiled tubing sizes

1¼ to 3½ in.

Max. coiled tubing strength

140,000 psi

  • Hydra Rig HR-6100 Coiled Tubing Injector Data Sheet

Hydra Rig Product Updates

It is our commitment to continue the technological advancement of the trusted Hydra Rig equipment that has been leading the coiled tubing and snubbing industries for decades. Please contact us for our latest product updates.

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