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HR-6140 Coiled Tubing Injector

Improved durability reduces your downtime and maintenance costs

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Engineered and manufactured for rugged reliability and reduced maintenance, we’ve manufactured over 2,200 coiled tubing injectors so you can rely on our field-proven designs. 

Whether you are packaging a new, custom-built unit with the HR-6140 model injector or just replacing an existing one, our injectors have the performance and dependability that is required in the toughest oilfield conditions around the world.

Designed to handle 2- to 4½-in. coiled tubing strings, this model is capable of running high-strength large-OD tubing designs with superior slow speed control (inches per minute). The HR-6140 has a 140,000-lb continuous lifting capacity and 70,000-lb continuous snubbing capacity.

The hydraulically timed drive and free-floating traction systems enhance performance and reliability in the field by reducing dynamic loads on the coiled tubing and injector components.

Upgrades and accessories

  • Slip mitigation system
  • Remote tubing guide alignment (patent pending)
  • Condition-based monitoring (CBM) system
  • Tubing guide load sense
  • Transport stands with or without hydraulic tilt frame
  • Injector or tilt frame-mounted stabbing winch
  • Injector auto-lubrication system


  • Manually or hydraulically deployed tubing guides available in 100-, 120-, and 140-in. radius sizes
  • Multiple options for tubing depth and speed counters available
  • Fold-down walkways
  • Electronic or hydraulic load cells
  • Fall protection device
  • Hydraulic lift bail

Traction System

  • Reduced remove/install time with our “quick disconnect” gripper system (1-3 seconds)
  • Hardened and grooved single piece grippers
  • Pocket-style elastomer gripper block suspension system
  • Reduced injector chain maintenance due to sealed-for-life gripper carrier roller bearings
  • Skates utilize patented strain-relief feature designed for improved traction performance
  • Four independent sets of traction system hydraulic cylinders
  • Double-strand 180-pitch heavy-duty roller chains

Drive System

  • Deep reduction, purpose-built gear drives
  • Dual hydraulic motor input (variable displacement, piston motors)
  • Counterbalance valves
  • Dual oil seals on gear drive output shafts for long and reliable service
  • Dual spring applied/pressure released brakes mounted between the hydraulic drive motors and gear drives
  • Patented hydraulic timing system

Model HR-6140 Specifications

Max. speed/min. displacement

140 ft/min

Max. speed/max. displacement

64 ft/min

Continuous lifting capacity

140,000 lb

Continuous snubbing capacity

70,000 lb

Lifting capacity through outer frame

164,000 lb

Lifting capacity from stripper

140,000 lb


200-hp continuous at 120°F

Assembled weight: 120-in. gooseneck installed, no stripper

20,000 lb

Coiled tubing sizes

2–4½ in.

Max. coiled tubing strength

140,000 psi

  • Hydra Rig HR-6140 Coiled Tubing Injector Data Sheet

Hydra Rig Product Updates

It is our commitment to continue the technological advancement of the trusted Hydra Rig equipment that has been leading the coiled tubing and snubbing industries for decades. Please contact us for our latest product updates.

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