Hydraconn Connector

Creates a funnel to permit the well control stack to be stabbed and latched onto the top of the ram type WCE 


Constructed to provide a safe and reliable connection in a compact, rugged design, our Texas Oil Tools™ Hydraconn has a tapered seal bore that allows the connector to mate even when the well control stack is suspended at a slight angle. The Hydraconn is operated by a single hydraulic line that opens a series of latching dogs on the ram type WCE-mounted connector half to accept the stinger sub mounted on the bottom of the well control stack. Once the two parts are stabbed together, the hydraulic pressure is vented, and the spring-loaded system forces the latch dogs closed, locking the Hydraconn together. 

The Hydraconn creates a tool change joint hydraulic bottom connection instead of a manual bolted or hand union connection. With a dual o-ring sealing area, the operator can easily pressure test the connection via a hydraulic pump and test port.


  • Quick pressure testing of rig up even with pressure-sensitive components in the stack up
  • Incorporates a tapered seal bore that facilitates stabbing the connection
  • Eliminates misalignment issue with bolted wellhead studs
  • Hydraulic open safety latch with a manual override and an indicator included preventing unintentional release while operating with well pressure in the stack
  • Safety quick-latch between any connection point
  • Hydraulic pressure to latch and unlatch; no pressure required to hold in place
  • Designed to latch the well control stack to the ram type well control equipment without the need for personnel standing underneath suspended loads
  • Visual status indicator
  • Increased operational efficiency

Hydraconn Specifications



Working Pressure 





3.06 in.

10,000 psi 

900 lbs

21.67 in.

12.75 in.


3.06 in.

15,000 psi 

1,200 lbs

25.88 in.

17.75 in.


4.06 in.

10,000 psi 

1,120 lbs

25.11 in.

17.75 in.


4.06 in.

15,000 psi 

1,200 lbs

25.86 in.

17.75 in.


5.12 in.

10,000 psi 

600 lbs

27.77 in.

17.62 in.


7.06 in.

10,000 psi 

4,000 lbs

31.75 in.

27.12 in.

  • Texas Oil Tools Well Intervention Equipment Catalog

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