Hydration Units

Our hydration system delivers the most reliable operation and precise automated control for “on-the-fly” hydration of fracturing fluids.


Our hydration units are designed to create the necessary time and energy required for continuous hydration of fracturing gels. The use of hydration units allows service companies to eliminate pre-gel operations that can result in lost profit due to unused gelled fluid and costly disposal. As regulations and costs continue to make it more difficult to utilize slurry gel, accurate dry gel additive systems have become a vital part of the well fracturing industry. Our systems have the ability for both dry and slurry gels.


  • Automatic tub level system to maintain tank volume
  • Automatic liquid chemical system (HYDRATRAC or ECAMS) to precisely meter gel, KCL, and other liquid chemicals based on suction rate
  • Recirculation system to roll tank before job
  • Optional on-board hose racks
  • Dual liquid gel pumping systems
  • KCL additive system
  • Real-time measurement of viscosity and/or pH of exiting fluid
  • Dry mix systems
  • 60 to 270-barrel tank capacities
  • Tank interior coating
  • Cold-weather or high-ambient options available
  • Pressure Pumping and Cementing 24-hour Support Contacts

Rear view of a Trailer Mounted Hydration Unit

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