HYDRATRAC Hydration Controls System

Maintains tub level and pump speed while controlling up to eight chemical circuits


Our Rolligon™ HYDRATRAC™ hydration controls system maintains tub level and pump speed while controlling up to eight chemical circuits. This system feeds an accurate, continuous gel mixture to the blender. These controls display all real-time process data and relay all information back to DASTRAC for job reporting and data storage.


  • Receives suction rates from two blenders
  • Controls up to eight on-unit chemicals 
  • Dual-dry additive control and mixing automation 
  • Monitors tank level 
  • Predefined job stage control 
  • Field-proven PID system for feedback control 
  • Multiple parallel data transmission protocols: CAN, ethernet, and serial 
  • Standalone manual bypass 
  • Wireless option available 
  • Integrated data acquisition system that feeds data to the primary DASTRAC system 
  • Lifetime maintenance and software license 
  • GoConnect™ compatible 
  • Rolligon Software and Controls Solutions Catalog

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