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Hydraulic Jacking System

Proven and Sturdy Technology

Hydraulic Jacking System Render
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The GustoMSC hydraulic jacking systems are of a positive engagement type, using double acting hydraulic cylinders. The systems, based on the pin-in-the-hole principle, operate on smooth circular legs which minimize wave, wind and current forces both in elevated, transit and installation conditions with their beneficial hydrodynamic and aerodynamic characteristics. The circular leg guides in the hull and jack-house ensure proper guidance of the legs with hardly any wear. For protection against mechanical damage and environmental hazards the jacking system is enclosed inside a jack-house.

The robust single acting (step-by-step) systems are used for straightforward applications. Standard operations whereby lifting speed is not a number one priority but reliability and low cost is.

The system design is arranged such that in case of a defect the jacking operations can be continued at reduced speed.

Operational features

The GustoMSC Hydraulic jacking Systems offer the following characteristics:

  • Operational
    • Fast lifting capability
    • Intelligent redundancy
    • Robust
    • Hardly any wear
  • Automation
  • Easy maintenance
    • Low maintenance
Sea Installer Challenger at Borssele offshore wind farm

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