Hydraulic Tool Trap with External Indicator

Reduce the risk of losing your wireline tools downhole.


Prevent the accidental loss of your tool string and an expensive fishing job with our hydraulically powered tool trap.

Accidentally pulling off the rope socket when rigging up or returning tools to the surface can be an expensive mistake and could expose your crew to the danger of a falling tool string. Our hydraulically operated tool trap forms a fast-acting barrier when tools return to surface and a robust stop if the tools are pulled off the wireline when rigging up.

The slotted flapper has an opening larger than the wireline but smaller than the tool string, allowing the wire to run through without damage but safely retaining the tools when needed.

The flapper is operated by a hydraulic actuator through an external handle and connected to the flapper with a low-torque pressure-balanced shaft. The external handle doubles as a tool passage indicator. The tool string can be pulled freely upwards through the tool trap. The tools open the flapper, and the tools' passage can be easily seen from the wireline unit by the external indicator. The tool trap automatically closes quickly behind the tool, trapping the tool in the event of an accidental pull off. The trap can be remotely opened when you are ready to run in the well by activating the piston in the hydraulic actuator. Pumping the piston back to its original position allows the flapper to return to its trap position.

We supply a range of hydraulic control modules to run your tool trap and other WPCE needs.


  • Positive tool passage indicator, visual feedback that your tools are safely back in the lubricators
  • Pressure-balanced flapper shaft for easy opening
  • Remote hydraulic operation enhances operational safety
  • Ability to be manually operated in case of hydraulic failure
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Hydraulic Tool Trap