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Hydraulic Wireline Tool Catcher

Prevent the expense and inconvenience associated with losing wireline tools downhole.

HERO WPCE Elmar Tool Catcher
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Optimal solution for safe wireline operations

Designed to be installed below the grease injection head or slickline stuffing box, the Elmar™ hydraulic tool catcher is a safety device that prevents loss of wireline tools downhole, mitigating risks and reducing costs.

The tool catcher is designed to be fail-safe; it is configured to be permanently in the catch position, requiring hydraulic pressure to release. Should a tool be pulled into the top of the lubricator and the wire stripped from the rope socket, the tool catcher will engage the tool’s fishing neck, preventing the loss of the tool string in the wellbore.

In order to prevent hydrocarbon release during operations and ensure the highest level of safety, our hydraulic tool catchers for electric line are supplied with an integral ball check valve assembly as standard, as well as a top connection into which a grease head can be directly screwed.

For slickline operations, our hydraulic tool catchers are available with quick unions, top and bottom, and are available with a glycol injection port as an option.

Available with ratings ranging from 5,000- to 15,000-psi working pressure, for standard and H2S service, the catcher can be dressed to suit various fishing necks by changing the collets; collets sizes vary from 1- to 1¾-in. fishing necks. In addition, we offer tool catchers for multiline services that have the ability to catch various fishnecks with a single product. Elmar multi-catch tool catchers give great flexibility when running between slickline and electric line operations with no downtime related to changing the collets and reduced time of collet return.

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