HydroGuard System

The most dependable storage system available.


The HydroGuard® System was designed to exceed the regulations and storage requirements of any location and comes with our 30-year structural and corrosion limited warranty. The system is available in either multi or single sump. It is the most dependable storage system available. At the core of this package is the trusted CSI double-wall tank and our contractor friendly double-wall tank sumps with built-in FRP reservoirs. The package also comes with an optional deadman anchoring system, creating a complete underground storage solution.

Hydrostatic pressure in the annular space of the tank and tank sump walls provide an amazingly sensitive and reliable means of monitoring for leaks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition to leak monitoring capabilities, it provides 360° secondary containment of critical piping components. Choosing a HydroGuard® tank system is the best protection for your investment.

Introducing the HydroGuard® Single-Sump System!

Now, the most reliable, hydrostatically monitored, underground system is available with a single-sump!

The HydroGuard® Single-Sump System provides the same safety and security as the Multi-Sump System, but with one, double-wall, hydrostatically monitored turbine sump, eliminating the 3-year sump testing Federal Regulation requirement.

Standard Features

  • UL-listed double-wall tank
  • Hydrostatically monitored tank sump(s)
  • Double-wall FRP construction tank sump(s)
  • FRP couplings
  • Watertight tank sump lid
  • Primary tank opening and critical tank top equipment accessibility
  • Enhanced HydroGuard limited warranty
  • Containment Solutions Capabilities Brochure

  • Containment Solutions Capabilities Brochure (Spanish)

  • Containment Solutions Tank Sumps Brochure

  • Containment Solutions Tank Sumps Brochure (Spanish)

  • Hydroguard Single Sump System Flyer

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