i-Broach Mechanical Scale Removal Tool

i-Broach is a rigid and effective mechanical scale removal tool with adjustable cutter rails.


i-Broach™ is a rigid and effective mechanical scale removal tool with adjustable cutter rails. The i-Broach assembly consists of two broach units covering 360° of the wellbore. When jarring downwards, the broach rails are forced into the scale, effectively removing deposits and scale buildup on the tubing wall.

Upon retrieval, the rails are allowed to collapse and no overpull is needed, ensuring a safe and efficient scale removal operation. The i-Broach comes in five different sizes, ranging from 2.1 to 6.5 in. (53.34 to 165.10 mm).


  • Fixed steps and quick adjustment
  • Each tool covers and replaces several fixed OD sizes
  • Wide and fluted flow passage
  • Spring-loaded rails
  • Unique teeth cutting design
  • Cutter rails can be sharpened and replaced


  • Easy usage and operation
  • Simplified logistics and reduced inventory
  • Prevents debris from packing inside tool
  • Safe retrieval from well
  • Improved broaching efficiency


  • Wireline scale removal from wellbore and critical completion components
  • Asphaltenes and deposit removal
  • Acidic/sour well conditions
  • Removing Scale Deposits with i-Broach Case Study

  • i-Broach Data Sheet

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