i-Close Sliding Sleeve

i-Close is a sliding sleeve in the completion string that enables communication between the tubing and annulus during deployment.


i-Close is a sliding sleeve designed to be run in the open position as part of the completion string to enable communication between the tubing and annulus during deployment. This allows self-filling of the tubing and circulation during running in hole until the sleeve is closed. To close the tool, a dissolvable ball is dropped from surface and circulated to the integral ball seat in i-Close. Upon the ball seating, hydraulic pressure is applied to the tubing, and the sleeve closes. The activation ball used is typically made from a dissolving material that allows full access through the i-Close once the ball has dissolved. The design also enables the use of i-Close when a tubing tail plug or similar is installed below the i-Close, where a small-volume sump is present below the ball after the sleeve has closed.

i-Close has been tested and qualified according to ISO 14998 Annex A and D to grade V0. This means that after closing the i-Close can be used to form part of the gas-tight well barrier between the tubing and annulus, allowing other completion or nippling operations to proceed without installing additional barriers. The i-Close can also be deployed in applications both in upper and lower completion strings in which an injection or production point is required, and it is desirable to be able to close it without intervention.


  • Run-in-hole in open position, allowing displaced fluid to enter tubing
  • Remotely closed with dissolving ball dropped from surface
  • ISO 14998 V0 Annex A and D qualified
  • Available in multiple open/close versions


  • Allows completion to be run open-ended; limits flow past the production packer
  • Interventionless completion operations
  • Forms part of well barrier envelope during well construction or intervention phase
  • Allows mechanical manipulation during the life of the well

i-Close Specifications

Parameter i-Close 450 i-Close 550
Max. OD 5.760 in. (146.30 mm) 8.25 in. (209.55 mm)
Min. ID 2.650 (67.31) 4.90 (124.50)
Thread configuration Box × box Box − box
Thread size 4.5 in. 5.5 in.
Thread weight 12.6 lb 20 lb
Thread type٭ TSH Blue Vam Top HC
Length 73.90 in. (1877 mm) 81 in. (2057 mm)
Weight 125 kg 270 kg
Burst pressure 10,000 psi 10,000 psi
Collapse pressure 7,500 psi 10,000 psi
Tension/compression 288,000 lbf 500,000 lbf
Makeup torque internal threads (max.) 9,000 ft-lb 20,000 ft-lb
Working temperature 275 °F 275 °F
Flow area – Bore 5.98 in.² 18.85 in.²
Flow area – Ports 9.18 in.2 14.17 in.2
  • i-Close Sliding Sleeve Data Sheet

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