i-Drift is a fully adjustable wireline drift with fail-safe collapsible rails that allows for easy flow passage.


i-Drift™ is a fully adjustable wireline drift with fail-safe collapsible rails. It has a fluted design to allow easy flow passage. The i-Drift has a stepless adjustment and is available in all common tubing sizes.


  • Stepless and quick adjustment
  • Each tool covers and replaces several fixed outside diameter (OD) sizes
  • Spring-loaded rails
  • Wide and fluted flow passage
  • Emergency shear release function
  • Rails can be replaced


  • Easy usage and operation
  • Simplified logistics and reduced inventory
  • Easy and accurate adjustment
  • Prevents debris from packing inside tool and reduces flow restriction
  • Ensures safe retrieval from well


  • Well inside diameter (ID) verifications
  • Adjustable centralizing
  • Plug dummy run
  • Collapse and scale detection
  • i-Drift Data Sheet

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