i-Flow is a flow-activated diversion tool used with coiled tubing to activate at a preset flow rate and open the side ports of the tool. 


i-Flow™ is a flow-activated flow diversion tool used with coiled tubing (CT). When the tool is in neutral position, all the flow passes through the tool. The tool is activated at a preset flow rate that opens the side ports of the tool. The flow distribution through the tool and out the side ports can be adjusted for each application. A substantial reduction in the flow rate will deactivate the tool back to the neutral position. The tool may be used for displacing fluid to help lift debris in the well (wiper trip after milling) while restricting downward flow. The i-Flow can also be used to create jets for washing purposes.


  • Restrict or shut off flow to tools below
  • Adjustable nozzles
  • High flow capacity
  • Acid and H2S resistant


  • Can be used with flow-restricted tools (i.e., motor)
  • Configurable setup (flow activated)
  • Ensures removal of solids
  • Can be used in harsh environments


  • Performs wiper trips to remove milled solids in wellbore
  • Cleans valve profiles before latching and shifting
  • Cuts off flow to any flow-activated tools below the i-Flow

i-Flow Specifications



MUL, in. (mm)

18.3 (464.82)

OD, in. (mm)

2.875 (73.03)

ID, in. (mm)


Temperature, °F (°C)

350 (177)

Activation pressure, psi (kPa)



2.375-in. PAC Box × Pin

1 Depending on the nozzle

  • i-Flow Data Sheet


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