i-Frac System

The i-Frac sleeves are ball-drop-activated multistage fracturing sleeves designed for cemented, openhole, multiple open/close, and openhole horizontal completions.


Our i-Frac™ system is a ball-drop-activated multistage fracturing sleeve designed for cemented, openhole, multiple open/close horizontal completions. The system is installed as an integrated part of the lower completion string. Multiple stages can be installed in a wellbore, with each stage containing 1 to 20 sliding sleeves.

Once installed, the system can either be cemented in place (i-Frac CEM) as a normal casing string, wherein a specially designed wiper dart is pumped from surface to ensure that the pipe inside diameter and ball seats are wiped free of cement, or it can be secured in place via mechanical or swell packers (i-Frac OH).

For each stage, one ball is pumped from surface to open all sleeves in the given stage. The fracturing job can be carried out in a continuous pumping operation with no preparation time between stages. Once stimulation is complete, the ball seats can be milled out.

The i-Frac system is available with single open or multiple open/close functionality ( i-Frac MOC), and each sleeve can be independently and reliably shifted open and closed multiple times using our i-Shift™ tool. The ability to open and close the sleeves multiple times allows the operator the flexibility to close off stages as desired.

Our reliable i-Frac system has the highest industry records in cemented completions, and the system has been rigorously tested to the latest ISO 14998 V0 standards with options up to 15,000 psi.

SPE papers:


  • Ball-drop operated
  • Designed for cemented or openhole applications
  • Configurable nozzles and shear pressures
  • Between 1 and 20 sleeves per stage
  • No explosives required on location
  • Drillable cast-iron ball seats for easy mill-out
  • Proven field success across the world
  • Compatible with dissolvable frac ball technology – Fracturing balls degrade over a calculated time period in the presence of temperature and fluid, allowing production operations to begin with no well intervention.
  • Optional multiple open and close functionality
  • High differential pressure ratings when manipulating the sleeve


  • Increased time and cost efficiency compared with traditional plug-and-perf methods
  • Able to employ continuous pumping operations
  • Excellent zonal isolation
  • Optimized fracture initiation
  • Multiple stages per well Maximizes reservoir contact
  • Reduces HSE risk by eliminating the need for dedicated wireline operations
  • Decreases amount of water used compared with traditional plug-and-perf methods
  • Features millable seats for future full-bore applications
  • Ports/nozzles in high-grade material minimize the wear and ensure optimal flow area over time
  • Ability to close sleeves to shut-off unwanted water production
  • Fully compatible with our refrac technology


  • Fracturing/stimulation
  • Production
  • Injection
  • Acidizing
  • i-Frac MOC optimized for refracturing applications
  • i-Frac CEM Data Sheet

  • i-Frac CEM 15k Data Sheet

  • i-Frac OH Data Sheet

  • i-Frac Multi Open/Close (MOC) Sleeves Data Sheet

  • Canadian 80-Sleeve i-Frac CEM Cemented Completion Case Study

  • A Cemented, Multi-Zone, Ball-Drop Activated Frac Sleeve Completion in the North Sea Case Study

  • Ball Drop Activated Multi-Stage Acid Frac Operation with Dissolvable Balls Case Study

  • i-Frac CEM 5.5-Inch Cemented Sleeve Installation 18 Stages with 4 Sleeves Per Stage, Using Dissolvable Frac Balls Case Study

  • North Sea Operator Sets Record and 80 i-Frac CEM Sleeves in Extended Reach, Matrix Acidizing Completion Case Study

  • Drilling Contractor July/August 2017 - North Sea Wells Prove Efficiency, Function of Multistage Ball-actuated, Sleeve-based Stimulation System

  • Reliable Sleeve Technology Provides Water Shut Off and Restimulation Capabilities Case Study

  • 15-Stage, 75 i-Frac Sleeve Completion Case Study

  • Oilfield Technology Feature: Unlocking Tight HPHT Reservoirs Economically

  • First NOV 15K Multi-Entry Cemented MSF Deployed in a Tight HPHT Reservoir Case Study

A closeup of a technician working on an i-Frac CEM tool
An i-Frac CEM Sleeve rests on a stand as it gets worked on by a technician.

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