i-Opener OH Toe Initiation Valve

The i-Opener openhole (OH) is a toe initiation valve with a cyclic activation mechanism that allows the casing string to be pressure-tested multiple times before it initiates flow to the formation.

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This innovation makes pressure testing the casing independent of the activation of the opening sleeve. It allows three casing pressure cycles before initiation of flow.

i-Opener™ can be installed as part of a cemented or openhole completion and can be made up to any casing thread type.


  • Toe valve with a cyclic casing pressure testing mechanism
  • Allows three pressure test cycles before establishing a flow rate
  • Fully compatible with either cemented- or openhole-type completions
  • Manufactured to match casing size, weight, material, and connection type
  • Design suitable for high-temperature and high-pressure applications


  • Decouples casing pressure test from flow initiation operation
  • Eliminates costly intervention for activation or re-establishment of flow
  • Provides numerous pressure test attempts
  • Can be run as part of a variety of multistage fracturing systems
  • A sliding sleeve exposes all nozzles to the formation at once
  • Large flow area nozzles for increased pumping efficiency and the ability to perform a toe-stage frac


  • Cemented or openhole completions
  • Wells in jurisdictions requiring casing integrity tests
  • Wells in which flow initiation pressure cannot exceed test pressure

i-Opener OH Toe Initiation Valve Specifications

i-Opener 450
Casing size 4.50 in. (114.30 mm)
Casing weight 15.1 lb/ft (22.47 kg/m) 
OD 5.76 in. (146.30 mm)
ID 2.39 in. (60.70 mm)
Length 6.00 ft (1.84 m)
Operating temperature 200 °F (204 °C)
Absolute load/unload pressure per cycle L: 13,500 psi (93,100 kPa)
U: 6,500 psi (44,800 kPa)
Internal yield 20,000 psi (137,900 kPa)
  • i-Opener Data Sheet

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