i-Opener SO (Single-Open) Toe Sleeve

Our i-Opener SO toe sleeve supports plug-and-perf operations or stimulation of the first frac stage by allowing the injection of fluid into a formation.


Our i-Opener SO toe sleeve is designed for use in horizontal multizone completions and serves as the primary initiation point to establish injection into the formation, eliminating the need for intervention. Once activated, the high-flow area through the ports allows injection of fluid to support plug-and-perf operations or stimulation of the first frac stage.

The i-Opener has redundant burst disks that protect the inner components of the sleeve from debris and cement during installation. The tool functions once exceeding the absolute pressure rating applied to the rupture disks. Once ruptured, pressure shifts the sleeve, opening the injection ports and providing communication to the reservoir.


  • Large ID through the tool
  • No inner sleeve between ports once activated
  • Engineered rupture disks versus shear screws
  • Redundant flow path to open sleeve


  • Compatible with industry-standard wiper plugs
  • Unrestricted, larger flow area reduces plugging potential
  • Greater accuracy for activation pressure
  • Debris-tolerant during activation


  • Cemented and openhole horizontal multistage completions
  • Toe initiation for plug-and-perf and sleeve systems
  • First-stage fracs
  • i-Opener SO - Toe Sleeve Data Sheet

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