i-Seat Ball Seat Sub

Our i-Seat ball seat sub is designed for easy millout and compatibility to a range of pressure testing requirements.


Our i-Seat is a field-proven ball seat sub that is installed as part of the completion string. The simple, robust design can be installed anywhere future isolation points are required. When isolation is desired, a dissolvable ball is dropped from surface and lands in the i-Seat. Once seated, pressure can be applied to test casing integrity, set hydraulically activated packers, or activate other completion tools above the i-Seat. After a predetermined time frame, the ball will dissolve, allowing production or injection to begin without well intervention.

Learn more about the i-Seat ball seat sub in Drilling Contractor: Simplicity leads subsea technology innovations

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  • Configurable with different seat sizes to meet pressure test requirements
  • Compatible with dissolvable fracture ball technology
  • Compatible with dissolving seat inserts
  • Drillable cast-iron ball seat for easy millout
  • Antirotation design prevents the seat from spinning during millout


  • Pressure testing and packer setting without having to set/retrieve a bridge plug
  • Pressure testing the liner/completion string above the i-Seat to pressures that exceed toe initiation sleeves in the opening setting
  • Provide a solid seat for the flex-style sleeves above
  • Can be placed above the flex sleeves to allow testing of the liner integrity after the fracture is completed


  • Hydraulic activation of packers and other downhole tools 
  • Deep, highly deviated wells
  • Used to pressure test the liner
  • Multistage fracturing system for extended-reach laterals
  • Cemented and openhole applications
  • i-Seat Data Sheet

  • i-Seat and d-Solve Interventionless Packer Setting Solution Case Study

  • 15-Stage, 75 i-Frac Sleeve Completion Case Study

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