i-Stroke High-Impact Percussion Hammer

The i-Stroke is a high-impact percussion hammer for coiled tubing fishing and shifting operations.

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The i-Stroke™ has a full-bore inside diameter (ID), allowing ball-activated tools to be run below. Made of acid-resistant materials, the i-Stroke is configurable in a single-up, single-down, or bidirectional mode.


  • Full-bore tool
  • Impossible to stall
  • Lock adaptor prevents premature activation
  • Modular design ensures easy reconfiguration to down, up, or bidirectional mode
  • Critical components made of Inconel alloy
  • High frequency combined with high impact


  • Allows circulation and ball-drop activation below tool
  • User friendly
  • Allows circulation while run in hole
  • Flexible and easy setup
  • Suitable for acid and hostile well conditions
  • Extremely suitable for fishing and other related operations


  • Fishing
  • Shifting of sleeves
  • Pulling of retrievable components
  • Extended-reach friction reducer
  • i-Stroke Data Sheet
  • Sleeve operation in well with multiple i-Valve sleeves after 7 years of oil production Case Study

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