i-Trace CEM Wireless Intelligence System

i-Trace CEM is a wireless passive intelligence system for production data collection and analysis.


i-Trace CEM™ is the result of a cooperation between NOV and RESMAN. Wireless reservoir surveillance technology is used to obtain reservoir data over time without risky interventions or costly modifications to the completion hardware. 

The simple design consists of a protective carrier that is made up as part of the completion string, strategically spaced across the zone of interest and activated by proven ball-drop technology. When contacted by the target fluid (oil or water) and exposed to flow, the Resman Intelligent Tracers® are designed to mark production with a unique chemical signature. The unique chemical signature from each downhole location flows to the surface, where production fluid samples are collected and analyzed. 

A wide selection of Intelligent Tracers is available to customize and match various well conditions such as downhole fluids, temperature, and monitoring objectives. The i-Trace CEM is compatible with cemented liner completions using plug and perf or with our i-Frac™ cemented sleeve system. For plug-and-perf completions, one ball size accommodates all carriers. In cemented completions with i-Frac CEM, a specific ball size is required for each corresponding stage.



  • Tracer system is protected during cementing operations
  • Designed to match the liner specifications for the planned completion
  • Available in standard service material or high alloys, as required according to completion design
  • Run as part of the completion with pre-installed water and/or oil systems
  • Simple and robust design


  • Reservoir monitoring over time allows access to the knowledge of how much production is coming from each monitored section of the well for up to 5 years
  • Reduced risk and operating time—no cables, connections, or well intervention required
  • Cost efficiency—there is no additional rig time, no additional personnel on site, no intervention, and no deferred production
  • HSE friendly—no radiation or harmful chemicals are used
  • Compatible with water disposal
  • The Chemical PLT® system provides a chemical production log as accurate as a production logging tool


  • Wireless reservoir surveillance for cemented plug-and-perf completions or with i-Frac CEM stimulation sleeve technology
  • Assist in allocating production by zone and identifying what flows where and in what amount
  • Improve field development by updating field models
  • Monitor well performance—verify investment of long/complex drilling
  • Evaluate reservoir drainage patterns
  • Determine where formation water is produced and optimizing the recovery
  • Verify completion hardware integrity such as valves and packers
  • i-Trace CEM Wireless Intelligence System Data Sheet

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