Ideal eFrac Fleet

Reduce your total cost of ownership and lower greenhouse emissions with our electric fracturing solution.


Built on legacy, focused on the future

Our Ideal™ eFrac fleet provides the advanced fracturing technology you expect from NOV while dramatically reducing harmful emissions and making a substantial impact on your total cost of ownership. With a clean and simple rig up, our Ideal fleet significantly increases power density while maintaining the redundancy that efficient frac operations require. At a time when the industry is looking towards greener solutions, the Ideal fleet provides an environmentally and socially responsible option that’s less disruptive to communities and minimizes sound pressure in the area of operation.

Reliable solution at a lower cost of ownership

By design, conventional frac operations require continuous pumping, resulting in high fuel costs, increased emissions, and equipment reliability issues for conventional frac fleets. Electric equipment is a proven method for achieving performance with simplified drive trains, and our Ideal fleet relies on that same concept to provide a reliable fracing solution at a lower cost of ownership. From precise control of the chemical injection to more reliable operation of the frac pumps, our eFrac system offers enhanced process control, consistent performance, and better equipment feedback. The Ideal fleet features 5,000-hp, electric-driven pumps that eliminate costs related to engines and transmissions, and the system has fewer pump bores to service, resulting in a cleaner, less maintenance-intensive frac fleet. To power this equipment, we made our Ideal system generator agnostic, providing truly accessible electric power whether it’s a Highline power supply, centralized field power, or a frac-friendly mobile power generator.

Ideal eFrac Blender

Reduced risk and complexity 

As with any frac operation, safety is the highest priority. Our design criteria was focused on making the electrical power systems a safe, reliable option for fracing, and we reduced risk and complexity in all areas—from electrical hook up to rigging iron—to produce a highly organized, simple-to-understand system. As the first fully remote-operated frac fleet, the Ideal fleet centralizes knowledge to a single location on the well pad and removes personnel from hazardous equipment and environments. Additionally, our Ideal system’s blender complies with upcoming silica regulations and removes the need for personnel to feed chemicals during the pumping operation.

Our Ideal eFrac frac fleet sets the bar high when it comes to efficient, environmentally conscious fracing systems.

Complete Ideal eFrac fleet solution:

  • Mobile 13.8-KV generator with support up to 50K hp
  • 13.8-KV mobile substation complete with breakers and necessary controls
  • Large-bore distribution trailer with integral electrical controls and breakers
  • Ten 5,000-hp fracturing pumps with integrated transformers and low harmonic variable-speed drives
  • Full-electric control van with battery backup for remote operation of frac fleet
  • Process plant with integrated redundant systems includes 150-BPM dual blender with optional slip stream, modular auger system, and support for 300-BBL hydration trailer and dry additive unit
  • Ideal eFrac Fleet Flyer

  • Ideal eFrac Fleet Flyer (Russian)

Up to 89% reduction in fuel cost

Up to 40% reduction in total cost of ownership

Up to 42% reduction in over-the-road traffic

Ideal eFrac Fleet

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Low wide angle of Ideal Electric Frac Fleet
Optimized footprint
View of Ideal Electric Frac Fleet from above
Next-generation process plant
View of Ideal Electric Frac Fleet above the trucks
Versatile power solutions
View of Ideal Electric Frac Fleet from the ground
Reinvented power and fluid distribution

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