Indirect Thermal Desorption

Treat oil-based drill cuttings while meeting environmental regulations with our total waste management system.


Thermal oil recovery (THOR)

An increase in global awareness of the need for environmental preservation has led the drilling industry to adapt to changes in environmental policies. National environmental laws are now being strictly enforced and companies must adapt their policies to abide by these regulations. The treatment of drill cuttings with thermal desorption provides an excellent option for meeting these standards. NOV has more than 20 years of experience in the thermal treatment of drill cuttings.


  • A total waste management system for the treatment of oil-based mud (OBM) drill cuttings
  • Recovery of oil for reuse in OBM
  • Recovery of water
  • Recovery of solids with an oil residue less than 0.5%
    • Meets the strictest legislation in the world
  • Complete waste management site layout
  • Handling and distribution systems for cuttings originating offshore
    • Rig to waste management site
  • Complete QHSE system for control of the process
  • Complete process energy balance of 50% and below
    • The process recovers more than double the accumulated energy consumed in the procedure.