Injector Connector

Improved safety and efficiency on well completions.


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Our JIC model injector connector is a field-proven safety quick latch between the stripper assembly and the injector head. This is made possible by a male flange that stays connected to the stripper and latches when inserted through the injector connector. The injector connector makes for a quick and safe rig-up and down of the well control stack by removing human capital from the make and break operations.


  • Hydraulic pressure to latch and unlatch; no pressure required to hold in place
  • Visual indication of latched/unlatched status
  • Designed to latch the injector to the well control stack
  • Connect stack without the need for personnel standing underneath the injector
  • Eliminates the risk of injury by removing personnel from making and breaking bolted connections
  • Increases operational efficiency
  • Texas Oil Tools Well Intervention Equipment Catalog

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