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iNOVaTHERM Portable Treatment Unit

Improve your environmental performance by treatment of drilling waste at source, in turn reducing your carbon footprint and lowering your operating costs.

Render of a iNOVaTHERM Portable Treatment Unit
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Our iNOVaTHERM™ portable treatment unit efficiently treats oil-based drilling waste on both onshore and offshore locations, allowing you to eliminate the costly transport of waste while meeting all environmental requirements for disposal. As a multi-energy source indirect thermal treatment unit, the portable treatment unit processes various drilling wastes, including contaminated drill cuttings, oil-based muds, oily sludges, and slops.

Offshore drilling operations have typically relied on a process of shipping drilling waste to shore for treatment and disposal. Our iNOVaTHERM product has proven to recover oil and water from the drilling waste, consistently delivering as low as 0.1%* oil on cuttings (OOC) for safe disposal. In turn this eliminates the need for dedicated supply vessels to ship waste containers for onshore treatment.

Unlike other technologies, our portable treatment unit uses non-frictional indirect heating to maintain constant temperatures with lower energy requirements, which improves efficiency with quicker startup and shutdown times, lowering NPT. Featuring a compact, robust design, the unit is a “plug-and-play” system that offers simple mobilization and installation while providing a reduced footprint and deck loading when compared to alternative technologies. In addition to reducing environmental impact, the system’s higher treatment capacities, decreased energy consumption, and reduced manpower requirements will lower your operating costs. Further cost savings can be recognized through recovery of expensive base oil and the elimination of skip rentals and transportation. By notably reducing lifting and handling operations, your associated HSE risk is significantly lowered.

*North Sea Legislation allows discharges of up to 1% of OOC, Norwegian sector 0.3%

Treat waste streams on location before safe disposal

  • Provides environmentally compliant waste management
  • Reduces or eliminates skip rentals and associated transport costs
  • Reduces health and safety risks from lifting skips and material handling
  • Minimizes non-productive time (NPT) from waiting on weather during drilling operations

Higher treatment capacity and reduced manpower compared to other technologies

  • Offers safe, cost-effective operation
  • Lower maintenance requirement
  • Does not require additional carrier fluid to transfer cuttings to the feed unit
  • Higher throughput capacity – 10-plus tons/hr

“Plug-and-play” compact design

  • Minimizes mobilization, installation time, and associated costs, improving startup and shutdown times
  • Significantly reduces footprint and deck loading compared to alternatives
  • Reduces surface waste storage by up to 50%

Recovers expensive base oil for reuse in the active mud systems

  • Lowers drilling fluid cost

Minimal power requirements and overall fuel consumption

  • Minimizes carbon footprint and energy cost

Treat a wider variety of liquid content and waste streams

  • Handles a wider variety of liquid content and waste streams
  • Fewer untreated waste streams need to leave the drilling site for remote treatment and disposal
  • iNOVaTHERM Portable Treatment Unit Flyer
  • iNOVaTHERM North Sea Case Study
iNOVaTHERM in use on offshore location

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