IntelliServ Wired Drill Pipe

Enabling instantaneous and accurate data transmission


IntelliServ wired drill pipe

IntelliServ™ is more than just wired drill pipe—IntelliServ is a technology enabler, a piece of the optimization and automation puzzle that allows data to be transferred instantaneously from downhole to surface. A massive increase in the speed and quality of data transmission—up to 57,600 bits per second—effectively turns the lights on downhole, allowing drillers to see things with clarity and accuracy in a way never before possible.

Using IntelliServ wired drill pipe and its associated high-speed telemetry network means data-driven activities—like surveys, downlinks, and slide orientations—are performed in seconds versus minutes. Beyond these upfront benefits, the real power of IntelliServ lies in its ability to enable more effective integration of downhole dynamics measurement tools and drilling performance applications , which are used in parameter optimization and as part of a closed-loop drilling automation system.

Imagine the possibilities as along-string measurement sensors collect data from deep in the earth and transmit it directly to the surface for analysis and as rigs begin to learn and algorithms adapt to changing downhole conditions. This is the future, and IntelliServ high-speed telemetry makes it possible.

Net cost savings

In many drilling campaigns, using IntelliServ with select optimization applications and downhole tools eliminates significant time from the campaign. These days-per-well reductions can exceed the cost of wired drill pipe, delivering net cost savings per well. Download the PDF "Wired Drill Pipe Cost Savings Case Study," which contains information on potential business case frontiers for IntelliServ use, for additional information.

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  • Wired Drill Pipe Cost Savings Flyer

  • NOVOS and wired drill pipe Case Study

  • Capturing real-time data during drilling and tripping operations improves efficiency and well placement

Close up view of wired drill pipe coils
For drilling operations, understanding downhole conditions is key. In addition to advanced modeling of downhole conditions, high-speed telemetry and wired drill pipe enable us to monitor downhole data in real time, which was not available before. Our goal for the future is to act upon real-time downhole data to improve drilling efficiency and to avoid problems related to downhole conditions. Also, high-speed telemetry will potentially improve placement of our wells in the reservoirs


Case Studies – IntelliServ in the Field


We worked with Total E&P Norge AS to optimize the Martin Linge project in the North Sea. We incorporated BlackStream™ along-string measurement (ASM) tools to acquire temperature, annular pressure, rotation, and three-axis vibration data at high frequencies from sensors embedded throughout the drillstring at regular intervals. These measurements were streamed to the surface in real time via the IntelliServ™ high-speed wired drill pipe telemetry network.

Combining ASM tools with wired pipe and high-speed telemetry allowed Total to overcome the limits of hydraulics modeling. Accurately analyzing and understanding wellbore conditions at the bit and in areas such as the casing shoe was critical, while streaming visualization of downhole data optimized hole-cleaning monitoring, reduced nonproductive time, enhanced wellbore control, and sustained wellbore integrity.

These improvements allowed safe increases in ROP and drilling of an additional 1,000 ft of reservoir—saving the drilling cost of one less well while still reaching planned production levels.


We worked with Statoil ASA to implement a suite of integrated downhole products and technologies on their Barents Sea Exploration drilling campaign of 2017. The package included BlackStream along-string measurement (ASM) and enhanced measurement system (EMS) tools and an equivalent fluid density (EFD) viewer, which worked with IntelliServ wired drill pipe and high-speed telemetry network to enhance real-time understanding of borehole conditions.

The project ultimately proved that wired pipe was a viable technology as part of Statoil’s digitalization and automated drilling strategy. Using the high-speed telemetry system enabled Statoil to raise the ROP limit by removing constraints on data acquisition while still providing confidence that the hole was being cleaned while drilling. The telemetry also significantly increased the quantity of streaming data for analysis and transmitted LWD-quality memory data in real time, which was critical in preventing a full packoff.

Service and Equipment Delivery

Wired Drillstring

Wired drill pipe and other drillstring components are now available for purchase in the same manner as conventional drill pipe. Wired drill pipe can be purchased by rig contractors, DP rental providers, and operators. A comprehensive range of other drillstring components are also available for purchase including wired heavy-weight drill pipe, drill collars, float subs, stabilizers, and crossovers, as well as the top drive DataSwivel™. A full range of wired drillstring components is listed in the IntelliServ Product Catalog.
Wired drill pipe rental providers: TOOLSERV | Independent Oil Tools | Workstrings International

High-Speed Telemetry

MWD or measurement companies can offer high-speed telemetry on an IntelliServ wired drillstring using their own interface subs plus DataLinks™ and a surface network controller (“NetCon™”) leased from IntelliServ. Additionally, ASM tools can be supplied by MWD or service companies.
High-speed telemetry providers: ReedHycalog | Halliburton | Schlumberger | Baker Hughes | Weatherford
Licensed ASM tool providers: ReedHycalog | Schlumberger

Along-String Measurement (ASM) Tools

IntelliServ will support leading drilling tool vendors to provide wired versions of a range of drilling tools including jars, accelerators, underreamers, roller reamers, and bypass subs. A list of currently available tools is listed in the IntelliServ Product Catalog. In addition, IntelliServ will now enable and support the drilling tool vendor in wiring and servicing these tools at their own local facilities.
Licensed IRM providers: Tuboscope

Wired Drilling Solutions

IntelliServ licenses local suppliers to provide inspection, repair, and maintenance (IRM) on wired drill pipe where required. IntelliServ currently has IRM capabilities (either directly or through local suppliers) in Aberdeen, UK; Stavanger, Norway; Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia; Williston, North Dakota; and Provo, Utah. IntelliServ has also established a North Sea DataLink repair and maintenance facility in Stavanger, Norway.

Close up shot of the interior if a wired drill pipe.

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