Four kinds of 4D ION Cutters on display

ION 4D Cutter Technology

Family of application-specific shaped cutters improves drilling efficiencies by combatting torque and maximizing ROP

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Our patented, flagship 4D shaped cutter is the fastest and most efficient geometry developed by ReedHycalog and is backed by proven field record-breaking performances.

ION 4D and 4DX shaped cutters
ION™ 4D and 4DX application-specific shaped cutters have been developed to further improve drilling efficiencies and reduce torque while increasing rate of penetration (ROP). The 4D nonplanar cutting face creates a plough effect, which increases point loading in the shearing direction while reducing drag and creating smaller cuttings.

Plough effect

  • Increases point loading and stress concentration, while reducing the force needed to fail most formations and improve fracture propagation.
  • Reduces drag by minimizing surface contact with the formation, while allowing cuttings to be efficiently moved away from the cutter face.
  • Decreases cuttings size by creating a flow channel that allows drilling fluid to undermine adhesion between cuttings ribbons and the cutter. This action separates and breaks the cuttings into smaller pieces for more efficient removal from the cutter and bit face.

ION 4DC and ION 4DXC hybrid shaped cutters
ION 4DC and 4DXC shapes couple 4D technology with proven 3D (chisel) technology. ION 3D chisel cutting-edge profile produces point loading in the axial (WOB) direction, improving fracture propagation and further lowering mechanical specific energy through torque reduction while achieving much higher ROP.

ION 4D application-specific shaped cutter family

  • Decreases mechanical specific energy through torque reduction
  • Increases ROP
  • Improves drilling economics/reduces cost per foot
ION 4D Cutter Rocks Surrounded
ION 4D Cutter Solo

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