ION+ Fortis PDC Cutter Technology

The next generation impact-resistant premium PDC cutter.

ION plus Fortis PDC Cutter Technology

Our ION+™ Fortis Polycrystalline Diamond Compact (PDC) cutter is built upon our reliable, durable, and efficient ION+™ PDC cutter technology, combining strength and toughness to improve drilling performance and economics. The Fortis impact-resistant PDC cutter features a 4mm ultra-thick diamond table and the deepest leach available on a premium cutter platform, delivering an increased volume of impact-resistant material, improved tangential strength, enhanced thermal stability, and reduced flexing and cracking.

This combination results in a high rate of penetration (ROP) and longer interval lengths in challenging interbedded applications, bringing unparalleled performance that improves drilling economics for our customers.

By combining our cutting-edge PDC technology with state-of-the-art drill bit design, advanced materials, and manufacturing processes, we ensure our customers consistently achieve the best performance in the most challenging drilling environments.

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