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ION+ Premium Drill Bit PDC Cutter Technology

The next generation of premium PDC cutter technology with enhanced design characteristics that deliver unparalleled drilling efficiency and durability.

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Our ION+™ PDC cutters improve upon our dominant ION™ cutter technology, which has a history of proven performances in tough drilling applications around the world. We continue to focus on the root cause of cutter failure, and that’s the foundation for our development of design advancements, dynamic selection, and rapid deployment of ION+ cutter technology. The ION+ design comprises a wide range of application-specific cutter grades that incorporate refined diamond feeds, higher manufacturing pressures, new, nonplanar interfaces, and thicker diamond tables with enhanced thermal stability, all of which are geared to deliver superior drilling performances in your wellbores, regardless of the challenge. 

Continued focus – Root cause to failure

Our experienced development engineers examine each dull drill bit and analyze downhole drilling data to determine the root cause of cutter failure. This valuable insight ensures future cutter development, but the immediate value is returned to the customer in the form of a dynamic cutter selection process and the rapid deployment of the right cutter for their specific application.

Foundation for shaped cutter performance

At ReedHycalog, the cutter grade is the foundation of shaped cutter performance. We rapidly and continuously update cutter grades to meet thermal, abrasion, and toughness requirements for the application. Our ION+ cutters are coupled with shaped technology that we design using state-of-the-art testing equipment to ensure unparalleled drilling efficiency. Additionally, full-bit lab tests support shaped cutter placement optimization for the perfect balance of efficiency and durability. This relentless endeavour will continue to return value and cost savings through record-breaking ROP and interval length performances in your drilling operations.

ION+ PDC cutters

  • Wide range of application-specific cutter grades
    • Refined diamond feeds
    • Manufactured using higher pressures
    • New nonplanar interfaces
    • Thicker diamond tables
    • Enhanced thermal stability
  • Improved cutter life through application-specific cutter grades
    • Maximizes higher ROP by staying sharper longer
    • Delivers increased interval lengths with enhanced thermal stability and improved toughness
  • Highly polished diamond surface reduces friction, improves efficiency, and avoids balling in high depth-of-cut (DOC) applications
  • Further improves upon ION PDC cutter drilling efficiency by implementing the latest shaped cutter technology
  • Incorporates Tektonic™ design principles and proprietary design software

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