i-Opener CEM TD Toe Sleeve

The i-Opener CEM TD is a remotely actuated toe sleeve used to establish one or multiple circulation paths from the completion to the reservoir.


The i-Opener™ CEM TD is used as a time- and cost-saving alternative to conventional toe perforating methods and in applications requiring multiple pressure cycles and full casing pressure testing. In multistage frac applications, the i-Opener CEM TD can hydraulically frac the first stage and/or establish injectivity, allowing frac balls or plugs to be pumped to the lower completion. The time delay mechanics in the i-Opener CEM TD can be tailored to fit each application to allow for short or long opening delays in a wide range of pressures and temperatures. This capability allows for an unlimited number of high-pressure cycles, in heavy fluids, to be performed without operating the i-Opener. After the required high-pressure operations are completed, the i-Opener CEM TD can be opened at lower pressure, even in lighter fluids when required.

The unique features of the i-Opener CEM TD allow for multiple hydraulic pressure events in the well to set liner hanger and for pressure testing the liner and/or upper completion without risking premature opening of the toe.

The i-Opener CEM TD is designed to allow validation testing according to ISO 14998, V0 rating, making it suitable for wells in which the lower completion is required to be part of the well barrier.

SPE papers:


  • Customizable time delay with the ability to have multiple time delay windows
  • Infinite number of pressure cycles within each time delay window
  • Fully compatible with cemented or openhole completions
  • Predictable flow area for establishing circulation
  • Sleeve designed to be Barrier Qualified according to ISO 14998, V0 validation grade
  • Decouples casing pressure test from flow initiation operation
  • Can be run as part of a variety of multistage fracturing systems
  • Sliding sleeve exposes all flow ports to the formation at once
  • Large flow-area flow ports for increased pumping efficiency and the ability to perform a toe-stage frac
  • Saves time and cost versus conventional toe perforating techniques


  • Cemented and openhole completions
  • Wells requiring casing integrity tests to maximum pressure
  • Wells requiring multiple high-pressure events for pressure test or functioning tools
  • Wells in which flow initiation pressure cannot exceed test pressure
  • i-Opener CEM TD Toe Sleeve Tool Specification

  • i-Opener CEM TD-II Tool Specification

  • i-Opener CEM TD Toe Sleeve Case Study

  • Lower Completions Portfolio

Savings for a North Sea operator

Over $10 mm USD saved

Using 41 sleeves

Over the course of 30 wells