iSeries Pulser Module

Reduce or eliminate broken pins with extended battery life with the iSeries pulser module.


The Tolteq™ iSeries pulser module (iTPM) is a rugged and reliable retrievable pulser tool with a configurable design. The iTPM features extended battery life and a connection design that reduces or eliminates broken pins. Advanced electronics enable extensive logging and analysis through the Tool Tracker™ software. Fewer parts translate to simple maintenance, and an innovative screen design and high-temperature tolerance ensure the tool’s superior downhole reliability.

  • Internal current consumption logged into memory 
  • No capacitor bank
  • Eliminates noise in downhole tool electrical system
  • Incredible reliability, even in the toughest lost-circulation material environments
  • Enhanced circuit protection features
  • Interfaces with legacy measurement-while-drilling system
  • Simplified single-coil design
  • Operational time and environment recorded in internal memory*
  • Integrated three-axis digital flow switch
  • Shock and vibration monitoring and logging*
  • Firmware update via Internet
  • Flow switch values and performance logging*
  • More than 400 operational hours on a single battery
  • Simple maintenance enables rapid teardown and rebuild times
  • Eliminates the maintenance-intensive bladder/bellow with a piston-based pressure compensation design
  • Quality Tolteq wiring inside with strain relief connectors and high-temperature mesh covering for wires

*Requires the Tool Tracker software to download

For more information, email [email protected]

  • Tolteq iSeries Pulser Module Tool Spec Sheet

side diagonal view render of the Tolteq iSeries Pulser Module or iTPM, a retrievable pulser tool with a configurable design