JA-Series Jack-up

Self-propelled service jack-up - Reliable and cost effective Middle East operations


Self-propelled jack-up - Reliable and cost effective Middle East operations

The Jamal alMaa-series (JA-series) jack-ups are part of GustoMSC's self-propelled multi-purpose jack-up series. These units are ideal for operations and maintenance operations, hook-up and construction support, and well services in offshore oil and gas. The design is based on GustoMSC's successful NG-series and is specifically tailored to cost-effectively meet the specific operational needs in the Middle East.

Design characteristics

The JA-series is fully compliant with the evolved requirements of the Middle East national oil companies (NOCs) and all other relevant rules and regulations. In combination with the proven robust features of the NG designs with integrated jacking systems for reliable operations, the JA-series minimizes off-hire time.

The jack-up design features a draught of fewer than 4 m to access shallow fields, combined with a reduced spudcan bearing pressure to reduce seabed indentations. It also features a water depth capability of 65 m, allowing the jack-up to operate in a large area of the Middle East. With a dynamic positioning system fit for purpose for the specific environmental conditions in the region and a new version of the proven GustoMSC variable speed driven electrical rack & pinion jacking system, the design offers a cost-efficient solution.

In keeping with the characteristics of GustoMSC's self-propelled jack-up designs, these units undertake transit and positioning offshore without tug assistance. The four legs and diagonal preloading capability allow for easy, fast, and secure jacking and pre-loading operations. These features are highly profitable in the services and maintenance work offshore the Middle East, supporting the multiple platforms in the region.

More than a design

In addition to the NOC's requirements, reducing an operation’s environmental impact is proving more important than ever. Benefiting from the latest developments in the field of sustainability, the jack-up series includes emissions-reducing features. Power regeneration and energy storage systems such as batteries can be incorporated, alongside various other technologies. Designed to allow construction at shipyards of choice combined with GustoMSC's experience in working with and supporting shipyards worldwide in building these specialized units offers the potential to build in the Middle East region, realizing in-country value.

The JA-series is the most versatile and well-balanced in its class for the Middle East, and the prime choice for major contractors in the region. Cost-effective, robust, and reliable – meeting all the region's specific needs.

Inspired by nature and Dutch innovation

JA-series, or Jamal alMaa-series, links us to two iconic images; the reliable camel of the Arabian Peninsula and the innovative “ship camels” that the Dutch used to allow their ships to access shallow waters.

The reliable and tirelessly working camel, metaphorically described as the ship of the desert, has been a vital element of life in the Arabian Peninsula and was essential to the way of life and transport in the unforgiving terrain. A formidable beast of burden, it inspires the reliability and ruggedness of our design. Adaptation to the specific challenges for the region, key to the camel’s success, is reflected in the Jamal alMaa.

A Dutch 17th-century innovation, the “ship's camel”, allowed ships to enter shallow waters. An early example of Dutch maritime innovation, the principle of reducing draft through buoyancy is also found in Jamal alMaa.


  • Transit and DP2 positioning on offshore locations without tug assistance, tailored to Middle East conditions
  • Four legs and diagonal pre-loading for easy and fast installation onsite
  • Designed for survival
  • Large free deck space
  • Modern accommodation layout
  • VFD-controlled Rack & Pinion jacking system
  • Fast, secure, and controlled Jacking and Preloading
  • High number of jacking moves
  • Build-in redundancy
  • The JA series can be customized to the owner’s specific requirements

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