Jet Mixer

Quickly mix and hydrate your dry, bulk cement into a slurry


Rapid mixing occurs when water is throttled into a mixing hopper in a turbulent flow regime and comingles with the bulk cement particles.

Water is pumped through the manifold while dry, bulk cement is gravity-loaded into the mixer’s hopper. Water, under pressure, jets through the orifice triple jet nozzles into the mixing chamber at the base of the hopper. The turbulent flow of water quickly mixes with the cement. The cement then flows through the discharge line into a mixing tub, which is positioned to receive slurry from the mixer. The cement mixture is then drawn from the mixing tub via a centrifugal pump, which sends the cement to the pumper’s tank. The slurry can then be blended in the pumper’s tank to the desired density and other properties and then pumped to the wellhead and downhole.


  • A threaded quick disconnect hopper
  • Removable cement screen for breaking up clumps of material
  • Quick-change triple jet nozzle sets offered in ¼-, ⅜-, ½-, and ¾-in. diameters
  • 2-in. water inlet with three 1½-in. outlets
  • Purge valve
  • Pressure Pumping and Cementing 24-hour Support Contacts

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