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IDO | Intelligent Drilling Optimizer | Kaizen

Drilling optimizer employing artificial intelligence to help mitigate drilling dysfunction and improve performance.

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M/D Totco’s™ KAIZEN™ drilling optimization application has continuous learning capabilities that enable it to provide proactive drilling dysfunction mitigation, maximize rate of penetration (ROP), and optimize mechanical specific energy (MSE). Employing artificial intelligence, it continuously evaluates drilling performance based on current wellbore conditions, compares it to offset well data, and recognizes environmental changes. This approach enables the KAIZEN system to instantly respond to changing conditions and provide optimal weight on bit (WOB) and revolutions per minute (RPM) setpoints.


Advisory mode
Sends recommended RPM and WOB setpoints for the driller to implement

Control mode
Sends calculated setpoints directly to the autodriller
In control mode, the KAIZEN system consistently achieves a higher level of performance than in advisory mode by continuously and automatically adjusting setpoints


Smarter with every foot drilled
Continuously learns wellbore conditions and related impacts of RPM and WOB on dysfunction and ROP

More than MSE
Digital twin models and machine learning algorithms ensure that applied set points are considering all wellbore dynamics, including:

  • Identifying drilling dysfunction and proactively mitigating stick-slip, bit bounce, axial and torsional oscillations
  • Avoiding drillstring natural frequencies to minimize drilling dysfunction
  • Real-time distributed stress analysis to check for buckling and over stress, as well as torque and drag

On-demand response tuning
Enables adjustment to tune performance towards ROP or MSE

  • KAIZEN Intelligent Drilling Optimizer Flyer
  • KAIZEN Intelligent Drilling Optimizer Flyer (Spanish)
  • KAIZEN Intelligent Drilling Optimizer Included in Program That Set Record for Fastest Well Drilled in 15-mile Radius Case Study
  • KAIZEN Intelligent Drilling Optimizer Saves Drilling Contractor $112,554 Case Study
  • KAIZEN Intelligent Drilling Optimizer Saves Days of Drilling and Increases ROP Case Study
During the drilling operations, I had the opportunity to take part and witness KAIZEN in full control mode. I’m pleased to note, that even with my 28 years (of) experience, this system truly improved our overall performance in ways I don’t think we would have done. Not that we couldn’t, but just that we don’t realize the right changes needed sometimes.
Drilling Supervisor, N.E. US Region
KAIZEN Intelligent Drilling Optimizer with NOVOS on rig
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