KC Connection

Tuboscope’s KC Connection is a high-performance modification to 8rd connections for coated, lined, or bare pipe in fluid and gas service wells.


Tubular string requirements continue to increase as well conditions become deeper and more hostile, making connection integrity crucial. Available worldwide, KC Connection targets issues such as connection damage, corrosion, and loss of containment due to pressure leaks.

Available connections

  • KC/IPC (internally coated pipe)
  • KC/FGL (fiberglass lined)
  • KC/NCNL (noncoated, non-lined)
  • KC/BTC (internally coated pipe)

PTFE for liquid and gas service

  • Resilient polymer for fluid service
  • Maintains temperature at 400 °F
  • Enhances pressure containment
  • Creates more laminar flow

Primary application

  • Water injection producers
  • Water disposals
  • COinjection


  • Can be used in production and injection environments with high levels of COand H2O
  • For use with API threads on fiberglass-lined, internally plastic-coated, or bare pipe
  • Enhances corrosion control and pressure containment
  • Can be pulled and run multiple times
  • Holiday-free J area
  • Increases connection life
  • Protects connection from erosion
  • Facilitates swabbing


  • KC Connection Brochure

  • KC Connection for API Buttress (BTC) connections Flyer

  • Tubing Services Spec Sheet

Image of a KC fiberglass lined connection
KC/fiberglass lined with CRA ring
Image of a KC internally coated pipe
KC/internally coated pipe with CRA ring
Image of a KC fiberglass lined connection
KC/fiberglass-lined (FGL) connection with CRA ring

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