Man pointing to screen showing the kick monitoring display.

Kick Monitoring Display

Enhance safety by effectively notifying the rig crew of potential kick events and other well-control issues.

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The M/D Totco™ RigSense™ Kick Monitoring Display system provides a precise overview of surface and downhole conditions, enabling rig personnel to make accurate and informed decisions when responding to a kick or fluid-loss situation.

As part of our RigSense information system, the Kick Monitoring Display feature improves monitoring efficiency by reducing the amount of information required to detect a kick and grouping the data for faster notification of potentially hazardous situations. Using a combination of specialized charting screens and customizable alarm settings, you can easily visualize data and quickly identify well-control issues that would otherwise go undetected.

If a potential kick is identified, the Kick Monitoring Display system will trigger a RigSense system-wide global alarm—designed with distinct visual and audio characteristics that separate it from all other RigSense alarms—and generate a notification dialog that provides rig personnel with information relevant to the well-control event. Global alarms are also logged for record keeping and future analysis of the event.


  • Monitor for potential well-control issues
    • Provides rig crew with an intuitive and instant trend overview indicating a potential kick
  • Quick, accurate identification of kick events
    • Enables fast, well-informed decisions to avoid hazardous situations
  • Global alarms triggered by changes in user-defined areas
  • Warns rig personnel of well-control issues related to:
    • Mud gains and losses
    • Mud returns with pumps shut off
  • Increases in mud returns while drilling
  • RigSense Kick Monitoring Display Flyer

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