Land Drilling Rigs

Offering world-class power, precision, and design, our land drilling rig systems give you an edge in today’s most challenging drilling environments.


Configurable, high-tech drilling rig systems

Flexibility in the field is critical. That’s why our rigs are designed with the versatility and reliability to provide superior performance in even the most difficult and unpredictable drilling conditions. Offering a variety of innovative designs, our drilling rig portfolio is focused on optimizing your drilling operations. Whether you need desert rigs or you’re drilling in the Arctic, when you choose NOV you’re backed by an industry leader with more than 170 years of drilling experience. We integrate our advanced technology, such as the NOVOS reflexive drilling system, with rig equipment to enable scalable control, monitoring, and optimization of drilling operations across your fleet. Using NOVOS allows your drillers to focus on what’s most important rather than menial, repetitive tasks—making every driller the best driller.


Drilling Rig Specifications

Rig model Horsepower Hook capacity Mast type Substructure type Setback capacity
AC Ideal Rig 1,500 hp 375 tons Cantilever (straight leg) Slingshot-cylinder 500,000 lb
Ideal Box Rig 1,500 hp 375 tons Cantilever (straight leg) Box-on-box 500,000 lb
Ideal Prime Rig   1,500 hp 375 tons Cantilever (straight leg) Slingshot-cylinder 575,000 lb
Ideal 2,000 Rig 2,000 hp 500 tons Cantilever (straight leg) Slingshot-cylinder 780,000 lb
Drake Rig 1,000 hp 250 tons Cantilever (straight leg) Slingshot-cylinder 350,000 lb
Rapid Rig 1,000 hp 250 tons Telescopic Slingshot-cylinder N/A
Vertical Slant Rig 700 hp 100 or 150 tons Telescopic Swing-up, box-in-box N/A
Smart Box Rig 1,500 hp 250 tons Range III singles Box-in-box N/A
Seam Rig 2,000 2,000 hp 500 tons Cantilever Slingshot-winch 500,000 lb
European Rig 2,000 2,000 hp 350 tons Cantilever Slingshot-winch 600,000 lb
ME 2,000 Rig 2,000 hp 500 tons Cantilever Slingshot-cylinder 800,000 lb
ME 3,000 Rig 3,000 hp 777.5 tons Cantilever Slingshot-winch 1,000,000 lb
Desert Rig 1,000 to 3,000 hp 250 to 750 tons Telescopic or cantilever Slingshot-cylinder/winch/ drawworks 250,000 to 700,000 lb
Arctic Rig 700 to 2,000 hp 250 to 500 tons Telescopic or cantilever Slingshot-cylinder/winch 250,000 to 600,000 lb
Heli Rig 1,000 hp 250 tons Cantilever Slingshot-cylinder/winch/ drawworks N/A
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AC Ideal Rig for drilling efficiency
AC Ideal land drilling rig in rig-up yard
Arctic drilling rig
Harsh-environment Arctic rig with full modular components
Middle East 2,000-horsepower desert drilling rig for hot weather drilling
Middle East 2,000-hp rig ready for hot-weather drilling

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