Landing Collars and Float Equipment

Our landing collar provides a way of setting hydraulically actuated oil tools by using a ball that lands on a ball seat and also provides a profile for landing and bumping the wiper plugs at the end of displacement.

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The landing collar is installed in the pipe above the float equipment. The collar acts as stopper plate, and for this purpose it includes a seat and a locking mechanism. By this system, the pressure is maintained from above and below as soon as the wiper plug is landed and locked. The landing collar can also be equipped with a ball seat that is pinned to shear at approximately 1,000 psi above the pressure required to set the liner hanger. The float equipment prevents the uncured cement in the annulus from flowing back into the liner.


  • All internal parts are PDC drillable
  • Provides the landing seat for wiper plugs
  • Acts as a backup to the float collar/shoe with the plugs latched and sealed
  • Landing collar available with or without ball seat
  • Various shoe configurations available
  • Floats are spring-loaded, poppet-type valves
  • Floats molded in place with high-strength concrete
  • Floats are available with single or double poppet valves
  • Float shoes available with cement round nose, blade guide nose, or profiled eccentric nose

Thread connections

  • VAM® TOP, VAM® 21, VAM® SLIJ-II, VAM® FJL or on customer's request


  • L 80, T 95, P 110, Q 125, 22Cr 125ksi; other materials on request
  • Landing Collars and Float Equipment Data Sheet

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