Cutting-edge technology

Installed on the stern of the vessel, this bistable system features a cradle, rear sliding, gantry, and four lifting points to expand to maximize durability and workability. Each lifting point consists of a winch, two cables, a counterweight, and our patented Smart Power Slip (SPS). This game-changing and mechanical solution enables the LARS to switch from passive heave compensation to lifting mode. When the SPS is activated, the cradle can move up but not down because of the dynamic load transfer between the physical law of buoyancy, Archimedes' principle, and the lifting cables.

As an example, we have designed and successfully tested an adjustable and shock-absorbent cradle with a lifting capacity of 20 tons which can handle vessels up to 12.5 m (41ft) long, 3.8 m (12.6 ft) wide, and 4 m (13 ft) in height.

Proven reliability

We were challenged to develop a system that could recover a USV for mine countermeasure operations in sea state 5—up to 4-m waves—at an unprecedented vertical speed of 4 m/s. Due to our vast experience and knowledge of offshore operations, our LARS performed reliably about 300 times full load during the sea trial.