Lifecycle Performance Program

Improve your asset performance with a program centered on customized solutions and continuous engagement


Our Lifecycle Performance Program provides the oil and gas industry with a premium asset performance consulting service powered by continuous engagement with operators. Taking a proactive holistic approach, we provide access to our team of experienced subject matter experts to pinpoint key areas for improvement, offering an action plan to maximize equipment performance. Working directly with maintenance and equipment operators, we identify operational and maintenance gaps that hurt your bottom line. We listen to your challenges, help you prioritize, and build an all-encompassing strategy and implementation plan focused on your profitability and long-term performance goals. Using the latest digital technologies to monitor conditions and connect with program partners ensures we are continuously engaged throughout the equipment lifecycle.

As the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) supported by engineering and application expertise along with our global install base, no one is better equipped to enhance the performance of your assets.

Lifecycle Performance Program Process

Consultation, Continuous engagement (diagnose, plan, implement, adjust), Standards and best practice


  • Customized support to meet your needs and budget
  • Easy to engage, implement, manage, and measure
  • Fully supported and facilitated by the OEM and Lifecycle Performance team
  • Remote assist consultations available and encouraged

*optional to access digital asset management platform and e-commerce

Benefits and results

  • Tailored solutions with a qualified return on investment (ROI)
  • Augmented program cycles provide accessible, timely solutions
  • Access to OEM’s extensive knowledge and experience providing verified and tested solutions
  • Use of the latest digital technology facilitates remote assistance resulting in enhanced engagement experience

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