Lifecycle Services

We use our experience as a leading process systems provider to boost the value of operations, maximize uptime, and improve performance in operations around the globe. Our lifecycle services team are your partner for the full lifetime of your processing equipment and field.


The assurance in performance

The lifecycle services offerings are based on our extensive processing technology expertise within the areas of oil, gas, water, and sand treatment including specialized technologies such as MEG reclamation and seawater membrane filtration.

Lifecycle Services

We serve customers post-delivery of processing equipment and systems, including:

  • Installation, commissioning, and start-up support
  • Preventative maintenance and inspection
  • Operational support
  • Healthcare agreements
  • Remote support and digital monitoring
  • Operator and process training
  • Spare parts management and supply

Our Experts

We service all processing equipment including those supplied by others. Our engineers are located globally and our involvement on site ranges from providing site personnel for specific activities such as membrane, internals, bushing, or liner installation to full site installation, commissioning, and operational teams.

Our aim is to ensure the equipment we deliver is preserved, commissioned, and started properly. Our lifecycle services teams engage early in the project phase to define the most efficient commissioning and start-up procedure. Acknowledging that every oil and gas field is different, commissioning and start-up is not to be considered a commoditized process. Our teams can address any challenge arising and to fine tune the operational parameters of process equipment to the requirements of each field.

Healthcare Agreements

As operational conditions change over time, recurring process and site support is necessary to maintain optimal production and reduce risk. We offer these services on call or most efficiently through a healthcare agreement. This allows us to optimize performance, share knowledge, and maintain reliability of the systems. The agreement typically includes operational support, performance review, extended process warranty, training, spare parts management, and regular scheduled follow-up activities at site. This allows for seamless solutions to be provided for process optimization and revamps and extended guarantees of the units if required. Through regular service and maintenance, we can detect weaknesses or operational changes early to avoid escalation.

Process Intelligence Manager

We have a long history of providing digital and process technology solutions to the oil and gas industry. Through a combination of these track records, we have created our Process Intelligence Manager offerings to enhance the visibility of current and historical performance – and to enable the deployment of data science to generate new Process Intelligence Insights into system performance and health status. These include early detection and differentiation between various production issues, which together with recommendations for mitigation ensures that issues can be addressed prior to becoming severe.


We have established technical and operational training programs to ensure operations meet the highest performance and safety standards. The programs can be provided in a classroom or remote environment by our expert trainers to enable direct exchange of know-how and field experience to engineers, operators, and maintenance personnel. A comprehensive library of standard, approved training programs has been developed over many years encompassing lessons learned and operational experience. Specialized training programs can also be designed for customers based on their specific needs and knowledge levels.

By carrying out regular operator training we aim for a continuous and high level of safety and competence for people, while in addition transferring best practice knowledge on our areas of expertise.

Spare Parts

We understand the importance of spare parts to the smooth operation of units. Our service is built on a foundation of superior planning, top quality standards, cost-effectiveness, quick reactivity, and thorough support. We work with our customers from early stages to plan the best but lowest range of stock to hold to minimize any shut-down or failure risk.

Parts quality plays a big role in process guarantees, and we can offer extended guarantees by coupling parts management to a healthcare agreement.

Legacy brands and companies we support

With the wealth of brands and products acquired over the years, our lifecycle services team are primed to support these products and systems that were delivered. Continuity of your operations is guaranteed with our obsolescence management of our product portfolio including stock management, maintenance of archives and retention of developer level know-how in our teams.

Legacy brands and companies:

  • Paladon Systems
  • Opus
  • Merpro
  • APS or Aker Process Systems
  • AKPS or Aker Kværner Process Systems
  • SSI (Separation Specialists)
  • CO2 Removal Unit Training Flyer

  • Electrostatic Coalescer and Desalter Training Flyer

  • ePack Technology Training Flyer

  • Gas Dehydration Unit Training Flyer

  • MEG Loop Chemistry Training Flyer

  • MEG Recovery Unit Training Flyer

  • Offshore Produced Water Treatment System Training Flyer

  • Seawater Treatment Unit Training Flyer

  • ToreScrub Sand Handling Unit Training Flyer

  • ToreTrap Desanding Hydrocyclone Training Flyer

Spare parts
Spare parts
technician inspecting spare part
Process Intelligence Manager
Process Intelligence Manager

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