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image of an NOV employee inspecting line pipe.

Line Pipe Inspection Services

Improve safety, reduce environmental impact, and maximize pipeline design life with Tuboscope line pipe inspection services.

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Tuboscope’s line pipe inspection services identify defects in new pipe before it is put into service. Our quality post-mill inspection program helps ensure safe and efficient transportation of products throughout the design life of the line.

All inspections are performed by ASNT-qualified Level I and II inspectors in accordance with API 5L using Tuboscope’s proven technologies, proprietary inspection equipment, and software.

Inspection services

  • EMI
  • Ultrasonic (UT)
  • Phased Array
  • Wall thickness measuring
  • Magnetic particle
  • Ring and bevel
  • Weldline
  • Full-length drift (FLD)
  • Special end area (SEA)
  • Tube body—grade

Inspection systems used

  • TruScan™ and TruScope™ – Full-body UT systems measuring wall and detecting defects at multiple orientations
  • TruScope A/S™ – Single-pass, full-body UT and EMI inspection
  • TruPhase™ 360° – 2D Phased Array UT technology uses a single two-dimensional Array to transmit multidirectional ultrasonic beams in a single shot for simultaneous flaw detection
  • TruScan PA – Phased Array system that identifies pipe flaws at multiple orientations along with over 100% UT wall coverage for greater consistency and repeatability
  • Amalog™ – EMI detects longitudinal defects such as laps, seams, and gouges
  • Sonoscope™ – EMI detects transverse defects and three-dimensional defects such as pitting and holes
  • Tubogauge and Isolog – Wall thickness measurements
  • Line Pipe Services Brochure
  • Line Pipe Services Spec Sheet
  • Tuboscope Line Pipe Coating Recommendation Form
Image of phased array inspection.
Image of a TruPhase unit.
Image of a TruScope A/S inspection station.
Image of an NOV employee using Tuboscope equipment to inspect line pipe.
Image of an NOV employee holding an inspection crab unit.
Pipe rack
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