Liquid Seal Slickline Control Head

Liquid Seal Slickline Control Head

Mitigate the risk of hydrocarbon release during slickline well interventions.

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Positive protection of wells under pressure

Designed to seal around a slickline while minimizing drag and wear of both the slickline and pack-off, the Elmar™ liquid seal slickline control head is particularly beneficial when used on high-pressure gas wells.

With modular design, a common upper assembly, and a lower quick union assembly to suit the rest of your equipment, the liquid seal control head features a grease injection point with an integral and replaceable check valve. This eliminates well pressure return to the grease injection unit, together with a replaceable manifold block that ensures the integral check valve is fully protected.

The control head provides two barriers: the primary flow tube stack and the secondary hydraulic pack-off or stuffing box. The process of injecting viscous grease into the flow tube stack at a pressure above the wellhead pressure creates the primary barrier, which, as a result, effectively seals off the narrow annular space, creating a dynamic, zero friction seal around the moving slickline. In the event of grease seal loss, the stuffing box is used to pack off around the slickline, providing an additional barrier.

A compact, air-operated grease injection and hydraulic control panel is available for use with the liquid seal control head.

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