Low Flow Metering Range

The Low Flow Metering range has high tolerance to aggressive chemicals, and is backed by the renowned reliability of Mono and Moyno products.


Our Low Flow Metering pump has high tolerance to aggressive chemicals (0 – 14 PH) and is backed by the reliability of Mono and Moyno products. Our pumps have a repeatability of ± 1%, and the gentle pumping action makes them ideal for pumping delicate, shear-sensitive products.

The Low Flow Metering pump includes enhanced element offerings with improved precision metering control technology, reduced breakout torque, and excellent slow-speed performance. The elements help to expand the scope of metering applications for your customer, while still supplying each fluid with a smooth, pulsation-free flow. Our pump features smart controls that use feeback on operating conditions, allowing you to program setpoints that will correct deviations from the required duty. The sensor data can be fed into our digitization system to support remote monitoring and predictive maintenance, reducing operational costs while optimizing process times and minimizing downtime.


Low Flow Metering Range Specifications

Key performance details
Capacity 0 to 1.84m³/hr or 0 to 404 US gph
Pressure up to 348 psi or 24 bar
Temperature 100°C
Highly repeatable accuracy
  • Low Flow Metering Range Brochure

Render of a low flow metering range stainless steel bareshaft pump
Render of a low flow metering range closed pump

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